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At Twilight Virtual Assistant Services we want to

help you grow YOUR business!

Twilight Virtual Assistant Services is a professional VA service offering off-site, online administrative support to businesses  in Canada and around the world.

  •   Do you struggle with finding the time to keep up with the daily administrative tasks associated with running your business?
  • Does the administration work eat up time better spent building the backbone of your business – the work that actually makes you a profit?
  •   Are you a small business owner with limited funds to employ a full or part time assistant?
  •  Are there tasks that you particularly hate doing but must get done in order for your business to exist?
  •   Do you find yourself putting aside family, friends and things you enjoy doing because you’re just too busy working?
  •   Are you at a loss as to how to get it all done!?



The answer may be closer that you think!

At Twilight VA Services we provide convenient, cost effective alternatives which allow business owners to focus on the things that are important to them - like serving their clients.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) to look after some of your daily administration tasks can free up time for you to concentrate on your business goals. For example:

  •   E-mail - You’re not alone if you spend an hour or more each day sorting through and answering e-mail.
  •  Internet Research - What about time spent researching on the internet? In this day and age it is an important task for business owners to stay on top of ever changing trends regarding their profession as well as their client’s interests. How many hours per day could you spend on this overwhelming task?
  •   Social Media – many small business owners miss out on this huge, cost effective and popular marketing opportunity due to the time it takes to keep up to date with all the social media applications. Do you have the extra hours in your day to take advantage of this growing medium?

What if... your VA freed up even a half hour for you each day by sorting through your e-mail and prioritizing it for you?

What if ...your VA spent an hour each day searching the net for information and presented you with only the facts that were of interest to you?

What if ...your VA, by investing a couple of hours of her time each week, kept your social media applications up to date and interesting for readers so that you could attract more business?

Your VA has just saved you 10 hours of work this week! That adds up to a whole extra day!!

What could you do with that extra time?

  • Build you business? Spend more time working directly with your clients?
  • Enjoy the time with family and friends? Take the kids to the beach?
  • Have some time to take for yourself? Read a book, go to the spa?

(Personally I like the spa idea!)

These are just a few examples to think about.  We realize, of course, that each business is different. At Twilight we can help you brainstorm ways to organize your time and come up with a plan that can save you the hours you need to do the things you enjoy most.

And there’s no need to hire a full or even a part time employee.

No commitment to pay salaries, vacation or sick time. When you partner with a virtual assistant you only pay for the time actually spent on a project.

 At Twilight we take on as little or as much work as your company needs us for. Some clients only require a few hours per week, some need a lot more.  Every business is different. Please check out some of the services we offer, and then take a moment to sign up for your free, no obligation consultation with Twilight VA Services. Together we can come up with a plan that suits you.